Solid Waste Services

The New SWS Central Transfer Station Project

Cleaner & Quieter

 We might deal in trash but that doesn’t mean it needs to be messy. A more thoughtful, enclosed design will mean reduced litter and fewer smells.

 The kid in all of us loves seeing garbage trucks do their thing but no one wants to hear all the chaos of waste disposal in a crowded, open environment, right? The new facility has been designed with your ears in mind. 


Anchorage has outgrown the current facility, which was built more than forty years ago as a garbage shredder. It was not designed as a Central Transfer Station, let alone as the primary conduit of trash headed to the Anchorage landfill. Did you know more than 80% of Anchorage's garbage comes through the Central Transfer Station? That's 265,000 tons of trash a year! 

For forty years, Anchorage has been making due with safety signs and band-aids. The new Central Transfer Station will reduce risk to the people who work in and use this facility while also improving ease of access.

More Efficient & More Recycling

We heard you when you said you hate waiting in line to drop off your garbage. Especially in a smelly, loud place. We will fix all of that. 

The new facility will improve queuing times, but that's just the beginning of efficiency improvements. The new facility will also streamline operations, use energy wisely, and open up more space for innovation in recycling and reusing.


Our community wants more recycling and we’re committed to making that happen. The new facility will allow increased recycling options for citizens by increasing access to recycling and reuse drop-offs. With more space, we’ll be able to better separate usable materials from the waste stream and expand recycling opportunities beyond our walls.

These improvements keep materials out of our landfill, extending the life of a vital community resource. 

Project Information

Why do we need it?


 Anchorage has outgrown its current facility. A new facility will improve efficiency, safety and recycling opportunities. 

What's happening now?


In late summer/early fall 2019, this project is kicking off with a hefty dose of public involvement, permitting and approvals.

How can I weigh in?


We mean it when we say we want to hear from you. Please come to a community meeting, give us a call or send us an email - your opinion matters!

Where can I find more information?


This website will archive pertinent documents and other resources so you can always stay up to speed on the new Central Transfer Station project.

Who can I call?


Not a robot - people. Your neighbors. People whose kids go to school with your kids. People who care about the future of our community.

What are people saying?


The good, the great and the grandiose - all your comments will be kept here. Less than good? We'll take those, too.

SWS is working to extend the life of Anchorage's landfill

We know you want to recycle more at the Central Transfer Station and so do we. A new facility gives us space to move materials out of the waste stream without disrupting operations. Keeping materials out of the landfill extends its life, keeps our community healthy, creates economic opportunities and saves us money in the long run since new landfills are expensive and almost impossible to build in Anchorage.

The landfill countdown clock shows how much time is left before the Anchorage Regional Landfill is full.

A slider below the clock allows us to see the impact of our behavior on the life of the landfill. The icons below the slider highlight some of the actions that will make an impact on the life of the landfill.